Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

I wrote an acrostic about myself to show people things I like.

Rainbows are colourful they make me feel happy!
Yapping is what I do all the time it makes me not feel

Licking ice creams makes me cool when it's hot. 
Eating burgers makes me full when I'm hungry. 
I'm intelligent because I know lots of maths and I'm a good reader.
Grizzly bears make me shiver.

Hick ups make me annoyed.


  1. Ryleigh, You like rainbows, yapping, licking ice cream, and eating burgers. You are intelligent. You do not like grizzly bears and the hiccups. I like how you used the letters in your name to tell what you like and don't like. What animals do you like?

  2. Good job man. I also made a poem. A cinquain poem. But it wasn't about myself. This poem taught me a lot about you. Do you know halo? It said on your blog that you play it. I do too.

  3. That is a good way to explain yourself Ryleigh. Hick ups make me annoyed to.

  4. Hay Ryleigh I like how you have put a lot of detail into it.