Monday, 20 April 2015

A Recipe For A Good Friend

A Recipe For A Good Friend

  • a teaspoon of braveness
  • a 100 grams of honesty
  • a pinch of courage
  • a dash of good manners
  • a handful of happiness
  • a tablespoon of love
  • a drop of helpfulness

Step 1: Mix 100 grams of honesty with a pinch of courage and cook it in the microwave until it’s golden put a hole in the golden top.
Step 2: Get the dash of good manners and put it in the fridge wait for 2 minutes when finished let it unfreeze for 3 minutes get the golden part of the 100 grams of honesty and a pinch of courage and melt it so you can put in the dash of good manners.
Step 3: Get the drop of helpfulness and tablespoon of love and mix until brown put it in the oven for three hours, while that's cooking put the braveness in the handful of happiness.
Step 4: Mix everything together and put it in the oven for 1 hour and you have a good friend called Purere.    


  1. Hi Ryleigh I like how you put lots of detail into your recipe.

  2. Ryleigh I like it how you showed us how to make a good friend.