Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekly Reflection T2W7

What: This week we went to the Museum and learnt about Tautoru, Puanga and Matariki in the theatre and the cosmodome.  We went to the Art Gallery and there was this place and had some really ancient things from the old days and Alexis Neil made some other weaving coats made of paper and if you stand back from it it looks amazing. We also went to another room and did cross stitching with Alexis Neil. I was making my name and I really liked doing it.  his week I have been away because I've been sick. I've had strep-throat so all I was eating was liquid.

So What: I have learnt that there can be all sorts of colour stars. There can be orange,yellow,white,blue and red stars

Now What: I haven't achieved my goal because I haven't got all my work done on the check list.

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