Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekly Reflection T2W8

What: This week Room 15 played hockey and we did some dribbling and went over how to hold a hockey stick. We played cat and mouse and my buddy was Brodie but he went to road patrol so my buddy changed to Jasiah. We have also been practising our assembly roles. I'm saying (we have really enjoyed our new inquiry star light star bright are you just a pretty sight we made a slide show to show you what we have learnt) We also went to the Art Gallery, we were just finishing our art work that we did the first time we went and made poppy's. We did a writing sample about our monsters friend my one was an Olympic champion. Mrs Larsen wanted to know how good we are at art so she asked us to draw her I think my one was terrible.

So What: I have learnt how to be an architect I learnt how to be an architect when my class made schools.

Now What: I haven't achieved my goal because I haven't got all my work done on the checklist.

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