Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekly Reflection T2W9

What: This week my class made stars for art. What you have to do to make one is... draw two star shapes on cardboard, cut them out and also cut a star shape out of the middle of each shape too. Then cut three pieces of wool (long enough to go across the inside of the star shapes). Glue the wool on one of the stars in a criss cross pattern, cut any wool that's sticking over the edges then glue both of the stars together.  Now wrap tinfoil tightly around the cardboard stars. They look great finished!
This week we also made adjective word clouds, then made stories using the adjectives that we thought of.
On Monday our classroom took assembly. We made slideshows and photo peaches to show the school what we have learnt. My part that in assembly was saying "We have really enjoyed our new inquiry, Star Light, Star Bright, Are you just a pretty sight? We made a slide show to show you what we have learnt". YAY because also in assembly my friend Brodie became a school leader, I feel happy for him!

So What: I have learnt how to make a word cloud and make art stars.

Now What: I have achieved my goal because I have done everything on the literacy checklist. My new goal is to make good choices and not get in trouble.

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