Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cross Country

Image result for cross countryBANG!! Went the clappers. Everybody was off with a sprint and I was jogging. I was nervous for awhile but in the lead for a little bit but everybody caught up and I was coming 4th. Around  the trees (where it was muddy) Corbin slipped up in it. I nearly slipped but by the time I was past all the trees everybody was way ahead of me except Corbin. He was right next to me. Down the alleyway we went. All of us. Then I saw Riley C. I nearly caught up to him but he sprinted off again. Then Corbin caught up. I started to get tired and I was getting slower. I was going around the dairy when my family was waiting there for me. They were all cheering for me. I went into the gate and Corbin passed me. He was ahead of me by quiet a bit. Then we went around the play ground and we sprinted to the finish line and I came 7th.

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  1. Hi Ryleigh. I like how you have told us what place you have came. Also gave us a lot of information.