Monday, 29 February 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W4

What: Last week we went on the Waimarie boat and nearly went around the whole river we went into the coal room and I saw my friend from rugby and we relaxed on the seat at the very front of the boat.We also did a building challenge when we had five pieces of news paper and a meter of tape and you had to make the tallest tower out of it we made the second biggest tower. Last we played soccer and did some drills and played some games at the end.

So What: I learnt when the Waimarie was made, it was made it was made 160 years ago.

Now What:My goal is to get better at my cutting. I haven't achieved my goal because we haven't done any cutting.

                                                               Image result for cutting with scissors

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  1. Hi Ryleigh, I like your reflection it is fantastic.